If a Book Were a Song #13 ‘Lizzy’s Dragon’ by Melissa Gijsbers

If a Book Were a Song #13 ‘Lizzy’s Dragon’ by Melissa Gijsbers

If a Book Were a Song #13

LIZZY’s DRAGON by Melissa Gijsbers (Stone Table Books, 2017)

Lizzy wants nothing more than an interesting pet – a lizard at that! When she discovers a strange egg one afternoon, she takes it home and it hatches into the most unusual lizard she has ever seen. Lizzy quickly realises her new pet (Bubbles) is more than she ever could have hoped (or bargained!) for.

The challenge for Lizzy is keeping Bubbles a secret. With her annoying little brother, Joey, constantly lurking around, how will she manage to do so, especially when Bubbles outgrows the accommodation! 

Action and adventure soon follow, and Lizzy realises the solution to new dangers may be staring her straight in the eyes – her pet! As the title suggests, realising your pet is a dragon opens up a world of possibilities!

Melbourne-based author Melissa Gijsbers delivers a delightful tale exploring the bond between a young girl and her pet. Kylie Leane’s black and white illustrations add a lovely layer to the story. The front cover is a beauty – the colours of the dragon pop right out!


Feel-good. Sweet. Bonding. Quirky friendships.

(This song represent how Lizzy feels when she first gets to know her new pet.)

‘Funny Peculiar’ by The Divine Comedy


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