If a Book Were a Song #12 ‘Perfect World’ by George Ivanoff

If a Book Were a Song #12 ‘Perfect World’ by George Ivanoff

If a Book Were a Song #12

PERFECT WORLD by George Ivanoff (Penguin Random House 2018)

Keagan finds a key …

It opens a doorway …

He steps through … 

Finding a portal to an ‘other world’ turns Keagen’s life upside down. Though while his life is thrown into chaos, the world he has entered is anything but. In Perfect World, order rules. Everyone is the same and anybody who breaks the mould of perfection is in deep trouble. What will Keagen do when he is discovered to have flaws?

George Ivanoff uses this premise (and a page-turning adventure at that!) to explore the topical concept of individuality. It’s a clever way to get readers thinking beyond the exciting narrative on the page. Perfect World is a well-executed exploration of what it means to be unique. After all, why should we be the same?

This book is the lead episode in a whole series set in ‘other worlds’. I was lucky enough to hear George speak about the series, and it’s perfect (pardon the pun) for primary school readers who are fans of adventure and science fiction.


Action. Escape. Individuality. Up-tempo. Slick.

‘Black and White Town’ by Doves


  • George Ivanoff
    Posted at 20:47h, 12 June Reply

    Love the choice of song! And thank you fryer kind words about PERFECT WORD. 🙂

    • George Ivanoff
      Posted at 20:48h, 12 June Reply

      “fryer”? fryer? How in the world did auto-correct come up with that. Obviously it should have been “for your”.

      • tim
        Posted at 20:53h, 12 June Reply

        Hehe. My pleasure. Yes, I was particular pleased with the way many of the lyrics matched up. ’10 feet underground’ was my favourite subtle reference. And ‘Gotta get out of this satellite town’.

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