If a Book Were a Song #3 ‘Funny Kid for President’ by Matt Stanton

If a Book Were a Song #3 ‘Funny Kid for President’ by Matt Stanton

If a Book Were A Song #3

FUNNY KID FOR PRESIDENT by Matt Stanton (HarperCollins, 2017)

Matt Stanton is a creative juggernaut. A talented writer, illustrator, YouTuber and speaker, he has showcased some serious book design skills in his latest release, Funny Kid for President.

Max has been accused of a horrible (and yucky!) crime by his strict teacher, Mr Armstrong. The military-like Armstrong has Max in his sights, and if not for some good fortune in the form of the school principal, our boy protagonist would be in big trouble.

Max finds himself running for class president. Up against all odds, his quirky wit and odd perspective on life help him overcome hurdles – often in the form of computer printers! (Not to mention stalker ducks.)

Funny Kid for President is absolutely hilarious. Like many humorous books aimed at primary to middle school students, the jokes fly think and fast. But don’t be fooled into thinking this book is about cheap laughs. Stanton has layered Funny Kid with sophisticated humour and running jokes. It makes for an exceptionally enjoyable and easy read.

The layout of the book is mind-bogglingly brilliant. The crisp illustrations not only accompany the text, they morph into the story. The characters’ dialogue boxes form part of the actual narrative, meaning skimming over these would result in losing the flow of the story.

The Funny Kid series is going to be huge. Perfect for ages 8+ and will have fans of funny books clamouring for more. I can’t fault it.


Hilarious. Quirky. Layered. Awkward (in a funny way).

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